Unusually, Sergei Kirov was both an Old Bolshevik and a loyal Stalinist. He was born in Urzhum, Russia, on 15 March, 1886. His parents having died when he was very young, he was brought up by his grandmother until the age of seven when he was sent to an orphanage.


On December 1, 1934, a disaffected, psychotic party worker stalked Sergei Kirov, the first secretary of the Leningrad Communist Party, as he walked the hall to 

KIROV, SERGEI MIRONOVICH (1886–1934), Leningrad Party secretary and Politburo member. Born in 1886 as Sergei Mironovich Kostrikov in Urzhum, in the northern Russian province of Viatka, Kirov was abandoned by his father and left orphaned by his mother. 1989-01-15 Statesman. A close comrade of Stalin. His immense growth of popularity made him a dangerous rival to Stalin’s power.His assassination gave Stalin a pretext to start the Great Purge against party officials.. Background Lived 1886-1934. Born Sergey Mironovich Kostrikov, he had a tough childhood.After his father left and his mother died, he spent his childhood in an orphanage.

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15 March] 1886 – 1 December 1934), born Sergei Mironovich Kostrikov, was a prominent early Bolshevik leader in the Soviet Union. On Dec. 1, 1934 Sergei Kirov, Party boss of Leningrad, was gunned down as he left his office. In the Soviet Union, this case turned out to be like the Kennedy assassination in the U.S.: a Se hela listan på military.wikia.org Sergei Kirov, First Secretary of the Leningrad party organization since 1926 and Politbiuro member from 1930, was assassinated in the Smolnyi Institute, the headquarters of the Leningrad party obkom, on December 1, 1934. Sergei Mironovitch Kirov, one of the most beloved leaders of the Soviet working class, who, in addition to his other duties, was Secretary of the Party Committee of the Leningrad Region f or the past eight years, was murdered on December 1, at ·11 A. M. in the historic Smolny Institute, the headquarters of the Leningrad Party Committee. Sergei Mironovich Kirov (born Sergei Mironovich Kostrikov, 27 March 1886 – 1 December 1934) was a Soviet politician and Bolshevik revolutionary whose assassination was used as a pretext to launch the first Great Purge. 2018-03-19 · On 1 December, 1934 Sergei Mironovich Kirov was murdered at the Smolnyi Institute in St. Petersburg by Leonid Nikolaev, a former party member.

* Sergey Kirov assassination This 40+ page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page: "SLAYER CAPTURED AFTER HE SHOOTS RUSSIAN OFFICIAL" and "Assassin of Sergei Kiroff Sent by Enemies of Working Class." which tells of the assassination of Bolshevik leader, Sergey Kirov. Other news of the day including period advertising. 2015-03-01 One bullet that killed a million people.

Joseph Stalin before Sergei Kirov's Coffin, 1937 Giclee Print by Nikolai on December Suspicion exists that Stalin ordered the assassination but proof was 

Hij was van 1926 tot 1934 partijleider van Leningrad en gold als een vertrouweling van Stalin. 2012/09/18 - Sergey Kirov was the head of the Leningrad party and a rival of Stalin's. He was assassinated in 1934 under mysterious circumstances. It is believed that Stalin ordered his assassination.

In December 1934, Sergei Kirov was assassinated and, subsequently 15 Zinoviev and Kamenev were found to be morally complicit in Kirov's murder and 

2014-11-10 Sergei Kirov (March 27, 1886 – December 1, 1934) On this day in history (in 1934), the man who was considered next in line from Joseph Stalin was shot in the neck while attending his offices in Leningrad (then Saint Petersburg). His death, and the subsequent show trial, became the excuse for Stalin to purge the Communist Party in Russia of any rivals. On December 1, Sergei M. Kirov was fatally wounded by a shot fired at him in the Smolny Institute in Leningrad, where he headed both the party organization and the Soviets. Only several days later was the name of his assassin, Leonid Nikolaiev, revealed. Days later, following upon a myriad of unofficial rumors and an astonishing paucity of Paranoid about the rise in popularity of his rivals, Josef Stalin orchestrates the assassination of popular Communist Party leader, Sergey Kirov.

According to Alexander Orlov, Stalin then ordered Yagoda to arrange the assassination. Sergei Kirov The first event of the Great Purge took place in 1934 with the assassination of Sergei Kirov, a prominent Bolshevik leader. Kirov was murdered at the Communist Party headquarters by a Sergei Mironovich Kirov (born Kostrikov; 27 March [O.S. 15 March] 1886 – 1 December 1934) was a prominent early Bolshevik leader in the Soviet Union. Kirov rose through the Communist Party ranks to become head of the party organization in Leningrad. On 1 December 1934, Kirov was shot and killed by a gunman at his offices in the Smolny Institute. On December 1, 1934, at about 4:30 P.M. Sergei Kirov, first secretary of the Leningrad Communist Party organization, left his automobile and walked into the main entrance of the Smolny Building, the government headquarters for the city.
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Sergei kirov assassination

Kirov was shot to death on the 1st of December 1934, certainly on the orders of his mentor, Joseph Stalin. His assassination was a textbook “false flag” operation and certainly did more to divert the current of human history into regressive channels than the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Sergei Kirov . The first event of the Great Purge took place in 1934 with the assassination of Sergei Kirov, a prominent Bolshevik leader.

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Sergei Mironovich Kirov (1886-1934) was the head of the Leningrad branch of the party. His assassination in December, 1934, was the catalyst for Stalin's 

Kirov was an early revolutionary in the Russian Empire and member of the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Kirov became an Old Bolshevik and personal friend to Joseph Stalin, rising through the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ranks to become head of the party in Leningrad and a member of the 2021-03-23 · Sergei Kirov, Russian Communist leader whose assassination marked the beginning of the Great Purge in the Soviet Union (1934–38). His death was blamed on both general secretary Joseph Stalin and on anti-Stalinist Communists, without a clear culprit ever getting identified. Sergei Mironovich Kirov was assassinated on December 1st 1934, likely by orders from his rival Joseph Stalin. Charismatic, good looking, and well liked, Kirov was a definite threat to Stalin who was trying to consolidate his power at the time. At the 1934 party congress, Kirov received only 3 negative votes whereas Stalin received far more.