Water-soluble contrast media (Urografin) cause redistribution of intravascular and extracellular fluid into intestinal lumen due to their hyperosmolarity.


The contrast-giving substances of UROGRAFIN are salts of the amido(dia-)trizoic acid in which the X-ray absorbing iodine is present in stable chemical bond. The physico-chemical characteristics of UROGRAFIN are: UROGRAFIN 60% UROGRAFIN 76% Iodine concentration (mg/mL) 292 370 Osmolality (osm/kg H 2 O) at 37 °C 1,50 2

2017 — Den tidigaste publicerade urografin i Sverige som jag hittat utfördes i Clauss W​, Speck U. Historical development of X-ray contrast media for  Iodinated radiographic contrast media possess antioxidant properties in vitro​2005Ingår i: Acta Radiologica, ISSN 0284-1851, E-ISSN 1600-0455, Vol. 46, nr 8​, s. av S Hagen · 1972 — Projektet er anmeldt til The Committee on Safety of Contrast Media. i. 19. man intravenøs urografi med stor kontrastdosis (150 ml Urografin 76%) og tomografi. 11 dec.

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5.2 Pharmacokinetic properties Absorption of amidotrizoic acid, the radiopaque component of Urografin, following oral administration is virtually nil. The successful use of urografin in hysterography is reported and the technique discussed. Whilst it is not claimed that urografin is the ideal contrast medium, it has in our experience proved to be the most satisfactory medium yet used. Urografin is an injectable contrast medium (a dye) which contains iodine. It is used to clearly show on X-rays the area of your body that your doctor wants to investigate. X-rays, like radio waves, can pass through objects and can be focused to make a picture. A. 28 Contrast media.

Pharmacodynamics Urografine improves the contrast of the image: iodine, present in amidotrizoate, absorbs X-rays. Water Soluble Contrast Enema Introduction This leaflet tells you about having the water-soluble contrast enema. This is an x-ray examination to look at problems within the large bowel using an iodine based x-ray dye (contrast).

2021-04-18 · Double contrast studies use a small amount of positive contrast medium to coat the mucosal surface of a hollow organ such as the bladder, followed by distension with air. This gives much better mucosal detail than a positive or negative study alone, and will also more reliably show small filling defects in the puddle of residual positive contrast medium.

E. Lower osmolality contrast media for use in the GIT 19 Amipaque 19 Omnipaque 19 Hexabrix 19 F. Advantages and disadvantages of lower osmolality contrast media in the GIT 19 G. Summary of important features of water-soluble contrast media 20 Future contrast media 20 II. Oil or water suspensions of iodinated contrast media A. Bronchographic Summary. The non-ionic contrast medium iopentol (Imagopaque®, Nycomed Imaging AS, Oslo, Norway) 350 mg I/ml was compared for safety and efficacy with the ionic contrast medium diatrizoate (Urografin®, Schering AG, Berlin, Germany) 370 mg I/ml in a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group clinical trial in cerebral computed tomography (CT).


It is used alone or in a combination with other agents for a wide variety of diagnostic imaging methods, including angiography, urography, computed tomography, etc. Urinary contrast studies are helpful in diagnosing urinary tract disease. The goal is to contribute information towards the diagnosis of renal, ureteral and urinary bladder diseases. Contrast studies can provide an answer when signs of disease are limited or not detected on survey radiographs. Figure 1. contrast media such as Urografin (see Section 4.8 Adverse Effects).

Urinary contrast study techniques Author : Anna Zlot, Natalie Webster Categories : Companion animal, Vets Date : October 10, 2011 Urinary contrast studies are helpful in diagnosing urinary tract disease. The goal is to contribute information towards the diagnosis of renal, ureteral and urinary bladder diseases.
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Urografin contrast

nated with organic contrast agents in case of damaged seed (Fig. 2). Care is, therefore, necessary to keep such empty seed apart from the impregnated full seed. Figure 4 shows the radiograph of a sample of pine seed treated with Urografin.

76% roztoku sa dáva prednosť pre také angiografické vyšetrenia, ktoré vyžadujú zvlášť vysokú koncentráciu jódu, napríklad aortografia (röntgenové vyšetrenie aorty po podaní kontrastnej látky), angiokardiografia (röntgenové vyšetrenie srdca a veľkých ciev po podaní kontrastnej látky), koronárna artériografia (röntgenové vyšetrenie ciev zásobujúcich srdce po podaní kontrastnej látky). Urografin 150 - Similar to gastrografin - Unflavoured - Only for oral, rectal, urethral, or i.v.
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Oct 6, 2013 1.2 Criteria for Inclusion. Any patient whose doctor or non- medical referrer has requested a contrast examination of the gastro- intestinal or 

It is used to clearly show on X-rays the area of your body that your doctor wants to  Background: Hyperosomolar contrast media such as Urografin 370 when used in concentrated form during hysterosalpingography (HSG} often provoke pelvic  contrast medium crystallized in a shape similar to that found in the patient's urine (fig. 1). Thin- layer chromatography of dilute Urografin and a solution of the  10 ampoules. How does Urografin? (Properties) All injectable radiopaque materials, including Urografin contain iodine.