What does urbanization mean? The change in a country or region when its population migrates from rural to urban areas. (noun)


What's the definition of Urbanisation in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Urbanisation meaning and usage.

(4) In conclusion, rapid urbanisation has Examples of Urbanization in a sentence. Urbanization of the town can only occur if large employers move into the area. 🔊 The map showed levels of urbanization in growing cities versus ones not showing much progress. 🔊 Rapid urbanization happened after several large groups of immigrants moved into the city. 🔊 Urbanization in a sentence 1 Its urbanization, progressing steadily, had finally reached the ultimate.

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bab.la is not responsible for their  HERE are many translated example sentences containing "URBANISERING" - swedish-english urbanization urbanisation urbanism urbanizations urbanised. Jag har problem att översätta low density urbanisation. Texten English term or phrase: low density urbanisation Example sentence(s):. av M Persdotter · 2019 · Citerat av 11 — Dissertation series in Migration, Urbanisation, and Societal Change, publication no.

Mumbai's ordeal-by-deluge holds important caveats for India's dynamic of unconsidered, runaway urbanisation.

Sentence with the word Urbanisation. If the rise of a national bourgeoisie in the context of urbanisation is a prerequisite for feminism, it is not surprising that the revolutionary experiences and outcomes for French and Greek women differed, especially since the trajectory of the Greek bourgeoisie as a transformative class has been erratic and all but clear since Independence.

Controlling urbanization on beaches would save beaches, money and lives. Urbanization, of course, is not just an Asian phenomenon. The past 150 years of development have been one of urbanization. Blame urbanization and 155 sentence examples: 1.

av H LÖNNROTH — Urbanisation: Struktur und Funktionen. I: Reallexikon der Existential sentences in English, German, Icelandic and. Swedish. I: Fred Karlsson (red.). Papers 

Thus the process of urbanization has been modified by one of suburbanization. Urbanization in a sentence | urbanization example sentences The fast growing urbanization creating more troubles every day. And that’s a good news story for commodities, the critical feedstock of urbanization and industrialization.

internal migration in a sentence - Use "internal migration" in a sentence 1. It's a film deeply rooted in Brazil's internal migration to the metropolis. 2. Its population nearly doubled between 1998 and 2013, largely due to internal migration. click for more sentences of internal migration Essay on Pollution due to Urbanisation: Pollution is a problem that has become more and more pressing over the last few decades. There are different kinds of pollution, which are air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution, all of which are incredibly harmful to the environment. These refer to contamination of the air […] Many translated example sentences containing "urbanisation" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations.
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Urbanisation in a sentence

HERE are many translated example sentences containing "URBANISATION WILL" - english-german translations and search engine for english translations. Definition: Urbanization is a phenomenon where people transition themselves from rural spaces to cities and towns.

Urbanization is the movement of people from rural to urban areas, and the result is the growth of cities. It is also a process by which rural areas are transformed into urban areas.
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Her evident awe of his urban amusements pleased him. www.use-in-a-sentence. com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "urban" 

Definition: Urbanization is a phenomenon where people transition themselves from rural spaces to cities and towns. In other words, the term explains a population shift towards more developed places.